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Our mission is to support creative, artistic and personal growth through music education.

Our mission means music becoming part of your everyday life - a focus, an outlet, a motivation, a space for achievement. This is true at whatever age and stage - toddler or teenager, child or adult, beginner or pro.

Your weekly lesson is a short but vital element of your musical life. Each lesson acts a springboard to sustain and grow your music-making through the week.

This means that making music with IMA is an off-screen experience - it’s not about sitting with an iPad for half an hour, it’s about making music throughout the week, every week.

We are continuing all our lessons and classes online, for all enrolled students, at the normal days and times. 

We’re also continuing to welcome new students!

See our recomendations for Online Classes accessing to our ONLINE CLASSES GUIDE through the links below:

Online Classes: Arts Education
Online Classes: Mission
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