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4-tissimo is our course planned specially for four-year-olds.

Children will learn about music in a fun, group setting, through songs, games and creative activities.

Whilst the children focus on learning through play and exploration, this course is carefully structured to teach essential foundation skills for young musicians, including:

  • Understanding the foundations of music notation

  • Developing skills in pulse, rhythm and pitch

  • Developing solo and group singing skills

  • First steps in musical composition

The children will be gaining complex skills as they have fun creating and listening to music.

Every session provides opportunities for children to explore, internalise, and truly understand musical concepts, helping them to progress and develop as confident young musicians. They’ll be building a foundation of music skills that will be the very best preparation for when they are ready to pick up an instrument for the first time  – be that violin, flute, piano or trumpet!    

Fourtissimo! runs as a rolling course, for children to continue to develop their understanding, technical control, creativity and enjoyment of music.


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