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Technology Platform

We count with a new technological platform ( My Music Staff ) that allows us permanent communication between the parents, students and teachers. It records the student's progress, saves the material and tracks the tasks and practices that the teacher has requested.


Fine Print

 Class absences of the student are not recoverable  No refunds is made in the understanding that IMA has booked a space and committed a teacher for the student  The academy schedules in detail the dates and times of the classes of all its students. This programming is carefully done in conjunction with families, and it is formalized at the beginning of the course. The formalization of the class calendar is carried out through electronic scheduling associated with the email account indicated in the registration form  The days of cancelation of activities that were not included in the scheduling of the course in which the academy cannot teach classes due to instructions of the parents or the student will not be reimbursed or recovered  The days of cancelation of activities resulting in fortuitous or force majeure cases such as strikes, protests, situations affecting public safety, power outages, broadband service flashing or events of nature, among others, will not be reimbursed but it can be recovered.